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 [Important] Frequently Asked Question

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PostSubject: [Important] Frequently Asked Question   Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:33 am

This section is not yet complete, this thread will be updated from time to time. I'm still digging the old threads.

Q:gM,, how wiLL i knOw the ip's everyday? i cant see in the forum the latest iP, thats why i cant play..
A:gM and Latest Ip Address

Q:How can i change the IP Address?
A:Guide in how to change the IP ADDRESS!!

Q:What is the rates of this server??
A:Server Back Online with NEW Rates [2/2/08]

Q:Why server always OFFLINE?
A:Reason Why Sever is always OFFLINE!

Q:How to register in your server??
A:Easy How To Register!!

Q:saan ko po makikita ung full client download???
A:tagalog!!! full download problem!!!!!!!!

Q:I Still Cant Connect in Server even you already change your IP??
Still Cant Connect???Read THIS!!

Q:How can i get 227 and 237 skill?
A:Scroll Request Lvl 227 - 237

Q:Can i request for EP4 Armor Images??
A:New MOdified Ep4 Armor Preview

Q:What is Reborn LVL?
A: Reborn Info!

Q:Where can i hunt ep3 set and armor?
A:Guide on where to HUNT Ep3 Set and Weapon

Q:Gm i cant see the NPC in the market can you tell me where it is?
A:Guide on where to see the NPC ITEMS!

Q:How can i go in LEONIE B3?
A:Leonie B3 Quest!

Q:GM how can i make my own GUild ICon?
A:[Guide] Creating a guild icon.

Q:GM how long it will took to grant sound request cause i cant wait any longer?
A:about sound requests

Q:Where can i vote?
A:Vote FearLess RaN!!

Q:How can i request to change SCHOOL?
A:Request Section!!

Q:Is this server running 24/7?
A:24/7 po gm....PWD???

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[Important] Frequently Asked Question
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