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 Leonie B3 Quest!

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PostSubject: Leonie B3 Quest!   Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:22 am

All subquests found in Leo must be finished before you can enter Leonine B3. Here's a simple guideline.

( Follow the list and you will have no problems entering Leonine basement 3 )

1. Smallpox quest and bandage quest given by the Special Agent.

2. Banshee quests.

3. Investigate leonine first floor.

4. Complete the quest by the leonine director, Leonine Technical Teacher and Zopar. " Key Quest "

5. Talk to agent again.

6. Talk to image expert. " Fixing Video Tape "

7. Talk to TH police. " Spores "

8. Talk to agent again. Submit video tape & Ask for the Special ID Quest.

9. Talk to the Sagred Gate Student Director " Special ID "

10. Go to the 2nd floor of leonine. Entrance to 3rd floor is located at the top-right part of the leonine 2F map.

11. Talk to leonine student director again. " Searching the secret code "

12. Kill Ironman 28 at the 3rd floor. " Elevator Code "

13. Talk to the elevator. " Entering the Code "

14. Enter elevator. It brings you to B2.

15. South-right part of B2 is the entrance to B3.
-Leonine director is at the south left of 1F. Leonine Technical Teacher
is at the left-center part of Leonine 2F. Zopar at the right-center
part of Leonine 2F. Ironman28 at the south part of Leonine 3F map.
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Leonie B3 Quest!
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