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 The Official Nintendo Wii Thread

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PostSubject: The Official Nintendo Wii Thread   Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:36 pm

Nintendo is a
master when it comes to surprising people.Sometimes the effect is
good,sometimes,it`s not.Like the name Wii , it`s big shock for
everybody.Nung una, people are telling jokes about it`s name, pero now
it doesn`t matter anymore , and that`s because the most important
element of all, are the games.In a computer, how can we use our pc if
it doesn`t have any software?And in terms of our body, what if you have
the muscles, but you don`t have a brain for using it (not litereally of
course!)?And base from the games in Wii, it will be successful,
surprassing GCs performance! I salute Satoru I wat a for giving these
one-of-a-kind systems,and to Shigeru Miyamoto too, for making such fun

It`s Rumored to be priced at $200 - $300 mura parin,

it compared to the PS3..

im definitely gonna buy the Wii!! Crap,

I wanna kick my ass because i made fun of the Wii,

but when E3 Came.


Super Kick-Ass games for the Wii,wow i`ve never been, physhed up..

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The Official Nintendo Wii Thread
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