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 Reason Why Sever is always OFFLINE!

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PostSubject: Reason Why Sever is always OFFLINE!   Sat Jan 05, 2008 9:25 pm

Q:Why the server always offline???
A:Please Use your COMMON SENCE

This is FearLess RaN Online Beta Type Server <<<--- what this means??
MEANS the server is not stable...
but im not say that its always offline
its offline coz...
MAYBE Server lost internet connection..
MAYBE Server lost power connection..
We still Developing the New Class Version of Ran online and PET System..

I need Players cooperation....
And to all players who want ask always for how to DOWNLOAD the CLIENT
PLease use ur EYES Read FIRST BEFORE ASKING or POSTING anything....
In order to play my server you need to be smart...
I don`t need idiot and moron players here...
Im not PERFECT and for all us u know im the only developer who working all of this...
MEANING im only the one ONE GUY ONLY JERWIN studying and working in this server so i can`t make entairtain all players and fix all bugs....


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Reason Why Sever is always OFFLINE!
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